meet the team

CHRIS GARRATT – Contracts Manager 

Chris qualified with his BSc (Hon) in Construction Management from UCT in 1998, but spent a number of years growing other businesses and sailing the world before he returned to building in 2012. He is well equipped with quantity surveying skills and is responsible for providing quotes to Savvy Building’s clients.

Chris is also an outstanding projects manager. Homes he has project-managed are diverse. He oversaw a major renovation to a masonry timber home in Llandudno, transforming it into arguably one of the finest beach homes in the Cape. In Noordhoek, he worked with a team to build a very high-spec luxury seaside home. One of his other favourite renovations, in Constantia, involved extensive work, but when completed the finishes were so seamless that “we were left trying to remember whether we had done anything at all.”

Chris’s years travelling and working in IT and property arguably equipped him to bring a fresh approach to problem-solving in the building industry. What he enjoys most about working in building is the people: from professionals, to artisans and contractors, to meeting new clients and helping bring their dreams to life. He also has a passion for “green building”. Chris believes that for most clients, cost and comfort interests ultimately align with what is best for the environment. He derives particular enjoyment out of finding the solution that will work best for both.


SHARON GEYSER – Office Administrator

Sharon has been involved in the building industry for 19 years and has worked extensively both off- and on- site. Her particular brilliance lies in overseeing office administration. Not only is Sharon excellent at maintaining a well-organised enterprise, but she has built up many strong and long-lasting relationships over the years. We call her the “the genie” because she has the ability to conjure up timely deliveries to site for excellent prices, under any circumstances.  On-site, Sharon brings a keen eye for snags to ensure excellent finishes, and her presence never fails to motivate the crew.

The jobs Sharon is most proud of reflect what she enjoys about working in the business industry. She gains particular satisfaction out of providing support to solve complex building and painting problems, and in ensuring that teams of workers come together to complete a job to the client’s 100% satisfaction. Her favourite jobs are therefore ones which were technically complex, or completed on a very large scale (and therefore required good team work); and that nevertheless presented an excellent standard of finish.

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NAZIER HOOSAIN (Naz) – Site Manager

Although Naz started his career in the building industry as a joiner and carpenter (he is a Master Craftsman) some 35 years ago, he has honed his skills as a foreman and site manager for over 30 of those years. He is an excellent leader who consistently manages to extract the best out of those who work with him. With clients, he is honest, reliable and open and  provides utmost peace of mind that their home, office, or other project is in the best possible hands.

When Naz lists his best jobs to date, they stand out as jobs that were particularly technical or required specific building expertise. From building a large home on the mountain-side in St James, to effecting various improvements and maintenance on Nova Constantia (a national monument built in the 18th century), to completing renovations on numerous exclusive homes  to the high standards of both residents and architects, Naz demonstrates an ability to solve any issue that arises.

Asked about what he loves most about the job, he replies: “Everything!”. When pressed, he says he enjoys working with people and tackling new projects. His love for people continues in his free time, when he can be found relaxing with friends and family.

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Allie is another veteran in the building trade. He has worked as a foreman for over 30 years, and prior to that he qualified and worked as a carpenter. Allie brings a sense of serenity and mastery to any site he oversees. Quite simply, people love him. We jest that some clients seem to think up new renovations year after year, only so that Allie can return to site! The affection is mutual as Allie enjoys both leading his team of trusted workers and the daily interaction with home-owners and architects.

Over the years Allie has lead teams on many different and complex building and renovations sites around the Cape peninsula. Those that stand out for him are ones that required him to be innovative in his building leadership. He proudly mentions a luxury 900m2 flat in Bantry Bay which, through clever planning was finished exactly to spec and 100% satisfaction almost two months ahead of schedule. Another challenging job involved excavating below a heritage Victorian home in Sea Point’s High Level road to install a garage.

The patience and diligence Allie demonstrates on site is also evidenced by his favourite past-times: Allie relaxes by fishing and tending bonsai trees.

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